Team All-Inspiration [ALLIN] is an amateur North American StarCraft 2 team, founded in 2013 by Tim "Tang" Clark.


All-Inspiration has been built with the community in mind. We believe that a positive community filled with active and determined players is the best way to improve and enjoy the game. Allowing players to join on the basis of a positive attitude rather than skill is something we've believed in since day one. Our community members range from players who are new and eager to learn the game; to veterans who practice and play casually; to seasoned competitors who make us proud to wear the [ALLIN] tag.

We offer a diverse community with players from across the globe. Everyone has different skill sets and interests, but we are united by our determination to build a positive and helpful team environment. We promote a proactive mindset towards practice, and encourage our members to form both 1-on-1 and group practices with teammates. We also promote an aggressive approach to improvement, and encourage our members to use all the resources available to get better. That's why highly recommend engaging in peer replay reviews as well as in-game coaching. It is these types of advantages that help us to not only improve our individual games, but also develop our social network, making for a more enjoyable -- perhaps even inspirational -- gaming experience.


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All-Inspiration is owned and operated by a group of volunteer staff members.